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Claire speaks about the split second that changed her life, and candidly describes the darkest times through to some awe-inspiring achievements. The audience go through the extreme roller-coaster of emotions with Claire; they cry, they laugh and they admire. Delegates always leave incredibly motivated and feeling like most obstacles can be overcome if you adopt a positive mindset.

Claire gives practical tools for thriving and adapting through change and building resilience.

If you would like a speaker who shows that we can learn to embrace any challenges we may face and reach our full potential, then look no further!

Claire is available for virtual, face to face or hybrid events. She will deliver a powerful keynote or an interactive workshop.

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Mental Health

Claire also talks openly about mental health, not only how she turned the corner following a catastrophic injury but the journey she has been on with her husband, Dan, after he was diagnosed with severe OCD. She powerfully explores the difficulties and complexities of mental health illnesses from both prospectives, and how their approach to recovery was very different.


Dan has been a key member of Claire’s challenges and supported Claire during some of the devastating days in the early days post injury but then roles reversed and she helped Dan. Although there were times where their marriage has been hanging on by a thread due to the impact of a mental illness, this has been team work at it’s best.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is another theme Claire is passionate about.
Developing a culture where disabled people feel included, valued and supported is certainly advancing but there is room for improvement.
It is through the various adaptions and inclusivity that Claire has this incredible story to share; she can fly or ride a motorbike without even looking like she has a disability and complete marathons with the mass participants yet the most basic of tasks can still be a struggle, such as using public transport or entering a building. 

Claire can tailor her presentation to include the positivity that diversity and inclusion can bring as well as the unconscious bias against those with a disability. 

Unconscious bias against disabled people appeared to be higher than any other social group, in fact one in three people tend to think of disabled people as not as productive as everyone else. Claire's session will help people see past a disability.

'Diversity is a fact and Inclusion is an act.'

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  • Diversity and inclusion

  •  Wellbeing, Mental Health

  • Motivation

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Disability

  • Team Work

  • Inspiration

  • Change

  • Goal Setting

  • Resilience

 Claire can tailor her presentations to address a key theme.


For all speaking enquiries and fees please contact Claire by filling out the form below.

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