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Claire has written two autobiographies to share her journey with you and the powerful life lessons she has learned. 

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The Bigger Picture

Claire's second book was published in March 2022. 


Throughout this book, Claire reflects on various aspects of her life; from the accident to the recent challenges, getting married and having children, to fighting to save her marriage and the numerous fundraising feats she has accomplished including marathons, motorcycling and flying. 

She explores how both herself and Dan have dealt with the mental battles they have faced in very different ways.

This is a searingly honest account of the rollercoaster journey Claire has been on, sharing the lessons she learned as she turned trauma and tragedy into hope and triumph.

“To achieve the bigger picture, whatever it may be, you need to make sure you put all the tiny pieces together. If they are fall apart, persevere and rebuild.” Claire Lomas MBE

Finding my feet

Finding My Feet is Claire's first book which was published in 2014.


This book delves into the incredible battle Claire had, to leave the most devastating of days firmly behind and eventually rebuild her life which was shattered in a split second. 


Claire portrays the emotions of completing her 17 day London Marathon where she used a pioneering robotic suit to walk the 26.2 mile course, as well as other pinnacle moments such as meeting Dan, having her first child and lighting the Paralympic Cauldron. 

It is a moving story of how one determined courageous, young woman had to fight through the toughest days to go on and have the best days of her life so far.

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