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When life is a pain in the bum!

This week I am busy speaking at events in London, however, from the photos I have, you would think I was doing sofa reviews for DFS.

I have been paralysed over sixteen years and thankfully I have never suffered from one of the many complications, one of the most dreaded... pressure sores. Until now that is. These can be serious as they can get very deep, become infected and even cause sepsis.

I think mine is caused by an injury from a poor transfer, possibly into my plane, which I obviously didn't feel and I didn't spot the injury straight away. I have now had a rather nasty sore and am getting rather desperate for it to heal. The best way of getting it to heal is to get your weight off it.

Ummm, rather tricky when you are paralysed, other than bed rest (or sofa rest) Quite honestly it is a pain in the bum and a big worry to me.

It also means other parts of my body are then taking more pressure, so I have to be extra vigilant that other sores don't appear.

Oh the challenges of a spinal cord injury- it is the injury that never stop giving and as a result, you have to find the best solution you can to the problems.

On one of my busiest weeks, with three events in London and two Virtual, I am still getting my weight off the injury as much as possible. This means I am getting on any sofa I can see!

It also means I need lifting as much as possible- no dodgy transfers when I could scrape the injury again. This means being lifted on the loo and off, shower chair etc. I feel like I am asking for help all the time for every day things and I don't like it but hopefully this will speed up the healing time. Many hours a week lying on my side is boring especially when the sun is shining and I could cycling or flying. I am even missing hoovering... I love that is so satisfying. Ok, maybe not as exciting as flying but don't underestimate it!

Back to sofas, my new interest .... which do you like the best? There was even one to test in the lift in Claridges so I went up and down for a while to try that out, shifting my weight off the injury!

I think you can tell which was my favourite?

Off to an event in London again this afternoon, and as I get to the venue a little early, I have found a hotel opposite which has a lovely looking leather sofa... so I am going to find it and have an hour there. I hope no one is sat in it. Mind you they will soon get up if I sit very close to them!

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